Welcome to the Single-Page-Book Project

* Consult in a few minutes what previously took hours
* Get a global picture from minute one!
* Zoom into the detail with one click!

The Single-Page-Book format (SPB) try to fix those shortcommings providing the best of all worlds.
To make it possible SPB profits from all the excelent work invested in modern Web Browsers to provide static and dynamic content:
A modern browsers can parse and render tens of megabytes of HTML per second, and Internet connection is fast enough to play video, so loading page-by-page does not make sense anymore. The cost of a new page requests is much higher than the cost of keeping evering in memory. Also offline navigation comes for free.
Current web sites (and electronic book formats) follow the page-by-page inherited from printed-paper. Actually being able to zoom in/out "a la Google Maps provides a much confortable UI in electronic devices. Starting from a zoom-out and arranging content properly provides a mind-map of the information for free.
In practice a SPB book is just a single web page profiting from a thoroughly dessigned CSS and some helper Javascript.
WARN: The CSS It follows the VIM philosophy: "Fast is more important than beauty":
The SPB format can also be used for many other purposes that I did not contemplated when starting the project.
As an example I'm using a SPB formated page as my browser home-page to store all sort of "random" info like contacts, bookmarks, projects, work-in-progress, task-lists, pending payments, home accountancy, travel-management, medical data, project-management, resource-planning, english and french vocabulary (I'm spanish actually), etc ... and I'm using just an text-editor (vim, notepad++, ultraedit, ...) to keep the info up-to-date and accesible with one click

Indirectly SPB promote "best-pattern" approach to documentation by:


To create your single-page-book project all that needed is to reuse the (minimum) javascript, the css and the html template plus some minimum experience with HTML document writing.
Dont' forget to have a look at the demo for a quick look a different possibilities.

What the SPB IS NOT:

Current list of Single Page Books:

Pull-request and bug-reporting contributions welcome!