Welcome to the Single-Page-Book Project

* Get a global picture from minute one!
* Zoom into the detail with one click!
* Zettlekasten your notes
* 100% web-friendly

(For the impatients: Take a tour at the [demo] or [some real books].

A brief introduction

The Single-Page-Book format (SPB) try to fix those shortcomings providing the best of all worlds.
The SPB format can also be used for many other purposes that I did not contemplated when starting the project.
As an example I'm using a SPB formated page as my browser home-page to store all sort of "random" things like contacts, bookmarks, projects and project canvas, work-in-progress, task-lists, pending payments, home accountancy, travel-management, medical data, project-management, resource-planning, english and french vocabulary, secret-key-store, etc ...
A moderm text-editor is all that needed to keep the info up-to-date and accesible with one click. vim, notepad++, ultraedit, ... or any other with support for macros is all that needed (and of course web browser).

Indirectly SPB promote "best-pattern" approach to documentation by:

What the SPB IS NOT:

How does it Compares to:

Digging into SPB

SPB profits from all the excellent work invested in modern Web Browsers to provide static and dynamic content:
A modern browser can parse and render tens of megabytes of HTML per second, and Internet connection is fast enough to play video, so loading page-by-page does not make sense anymore. The cost of a new page requests is much higher than the cost of keeping everything in memory. Also offline navigation comes for free.
Current web sites (and electronic book formats) follow the page-by-page inherited from printed-paper. Actually being able to zoom in/out "a la Google Maps" provides a much comfortable UI in electronic devices. Starting from a zoom-out and arranging content properly provides a mind-map of the information for free.
In practice a SPB book is just a single web page profiting from a thoroughly designed CSS and some helper JavaScript.

Current list of Single Page Books:

Pull-request and bug-reporting contributions welcome!