SPB compared

(For a quick introduction to the SPB project read [this document]).
___S.P.B.___ Evernotes WordPress*3PowerPoint
Information belongs to ... YOU app app app
Web Friendly YES NO YES NO
Standard/Non propietary formatYES NO NO NO
Zettlekasten friendly YES YES NO NO
Needs a non-standard DDBB NO*1 YES YES NO
Needs server maintenance NO NO YES NO
git friendly (advanced distributed team collaboration and version control) YES NO NO NO
works Offline YES YES NO YES
Search by text YES YES YES NO
Search by (N-dimensional) topics YES YES YES NO
Search by unique-id YES NO YES NO
Search by text and topic YES YES? YES? NO
Search speed FAST*1FAST SLOW N/A
Save search as bookmark YES NO YES NO
Proximity map YES NO NO NO
Fast preview YES NO NO YES
e-commerce/SEO plugins NO NO YES NO
Zoom in/out Map view YES NO NO NO
Print to book YES NO YES? NO
Print sub-book YES NO NO NO
Quick edit interface YES*2NO NO NO
*1 Your HTML file is your database. Content is indexed and classified upon page load in real-time by the web browser Javascript engine.
*2 Using your favourite HTML/text editor with support for macros, templates, auto-completion.
*3 Similar results apply to other CMS like Confluence or SharePoint.
*4 Modern web browsers load, index and classify a full book or site faster than the time it takes to load a single article from a remote CMS. This is due to the bottleneck in CMS central database when different users search for content in parallel saturating the resources. With the SPB approach, no pressure is put on any central database. All search is run in parallel on each client.

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